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This morning as I did my meditation, I felt gratitude for Vicki’s ability and willingness to reach out to Danny and me in our time of grief over Daisy's passing. It has been hard, but our session with Vicki made it easier. As I relive the time, I am aware of how perfectly she captured what is going on with both of us. For weeks now I have been in a dark place due to Daisy's health situation. And, as my personal guardian, Danny has been fully aware of this.


I am a strong follower of animal communication practitioners; I've even taken a workshop to train myself. But Vicki has taken it to a whole new level for me. I can only liken our reading to a visit I had several years ago with a Shaman in my quest to contact my spirit guides. In a similar manner to Vicki’s reading, I traveled down a path through fog/clouds that then moved away to reveal what I searched for.


Last Thursday Danny traveled with me, and we both experienced the sense of healing--a healing that we both can continue together. Thank you.

Sharleen Daugherty

Silver City, NM

In April 2019 I had the unique experience of a session with Vicki Sontheim. My 11-month-old puppy, Nicki, has fear issues that seem to be aggressive. Only I met with Vicki, Nicki did not need to be present. 

Vicki is very intuitive, and we quickly attuned to each other.  After she connected with and spoke about me, she began to communicate with Nicki. It was amazing how quickly she attuned to Nicki's play-fulness and willingness to talk to me! 

During this time together, Vicki was continually tuned in to me, Nicki, and our reactions; she was with us!  

I am still working and processing all that we shared. I am working on myself and feel how my worry and concern were affecting Nicki.  The more I mindfully relax and trust, the more Nicki does!

Vicki gave me remarkable insight into my heart, and Nicki's heart.  I feel that as time goes by the session I had with Vicki will deepen and I will understand even more.  It was quite remarkable, and I am deeply grateful to Vicki for the work her loving heart has guided her to.

Susanne Bell

Silver City, NM

Vicki has prepared herself with humility and diligence to communicate with our guides (they may be our personal angels) and help us examine our inner most selves. She translates the guidance with humor and an understanding of what it means to be human.


Gently, and with unconditional love, my guides helped me recognize, acknowledge and begin to erase the negative thoughts and energy that had surrounded every part of my existence from a very early age. An absolutely priceless gift. The naysaying voice that had haunted every thought is gone.


Thanks to Vicki’s stewardship of her abilities, her goal to use them for the greater good, and her generosity of spirit, I have a new freedom to make choices that feels weightless. I really, really believe in the love within me and that I am free to share it, first with myself, and then my human family.

Winona Wooten

Silver City, NM

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