©2019 by Vicki Sontheim

Journey to the Center of Myself

(Light Born to Darkness Returning to Light)

My journey in this life has taken many a scenic turn before finding me here, today, grateful for the grace which guided me to become the woman I am, and for the paths I've chosen to get here.


A gentle spirit born into abuse and alcoholism presented challenges. Part of me wishes I could tell you I met those challenges head on, and I didn't, not for a while. I filled my emptiness and hid my pain through whatever means I could think of - for a while. I say part of me because if I'd been "better" at healing and chosen a less scenic route, I wouldn't be who I am today, and many of the treasures I've unearthed may have been left undiscovered.


Always a curious sort, I began to think there must be more to life. There had to be! I began turning over stones and questioning everything I thought I knew - seeking, looking, longing - like a seedling opening and growing towards the sun. To this day, everything I think I know remains subject to change as more is uncovered and learned, and I hope it will always be that way!


In hindsight I see the sparks of grace which kept me going, guided my path, and gradually steered me away from my self-destructive behaviors: The unconditional love of my Grandparents. My deep connection with Jesus when

I read and re-read my children's bible story book (often with a flash light under the covers at night). Various friends who've believed in and held space for me as I've learned to believe in myself. Doors that opened and doors that closed forcing me to choose new ones. My loving Angels and guides.


And then there are the animals! Words don't begin to capture what I've learned since I began communicating with animals. Even before I began this course of study they've been showing up for me in ways that I liken to the banks of a river - steering the course of my current. 


I began learning animal communication as means of developing my intuition. I noticed long ago that I would hear and feel things that weren't me. I thought learning to communicate with animals would be a light and fun way to explore my intuition (being an expert at taking everything too seriously). Was I was in for a big surprise!


Working with animals has fast tracked my healing in ways I absolutely did not foresee! Animals have mastered what humans have not. They hold the secrets to unconditional love and possess a direct connection to the divine. If we stop, ask, look, and listen we will learn how to work with them, and in the process, come to experience levels of healing we've not yet imagined existed.

​And, I was right, it's fun!