Returning to Light

My journey has taken many scenic turns in its course of leading me to where I am today, with my heart full of gratitude for the grace, in all its many forms, which cast stones for me to follow, and helped shape me into the woman I've become.


Part of me wishes I could say I met the challenges of being born into abuse and alcoholism head on. Another part of me knows if I'd been "better" at healing, and chosen a less colorful route, many of the treasures I've unearthed may have been left undiscovered.


Freeing myself from the constraints of the "survivor" archetype is a shift that took some time. The animals led me to a pivotal point of this shift by guiding me to learn Soul Level Animal Communication. This led to intuitive readings with humans, and A Course in Miracles has become my daily practice. The teachings of Jesus, Carolyn Myss, Matt Kahn, and developing relationships with my Angels over the years have all played significant roles. As have many Earth Angels, too numerous to mention. Kyle Gray's Angel Certification Guide and Danielle MacKinnon's Soul Level Coaching are in the making. 


All of these have worked together to hasten my healing and lift my spirit to levels which exceed anything I'd ever thought possible. I liken it to the tumblers in a lock lining up, and then suddenly the door opens to a wounderous world I never imagined existed.

It is an honor to feel chosen to work with the animals and guides, and eventually Angels, to help bring healing to others.

I feel blessed to have received a soul level animal communication reading from Vicki for my cat. From early on in the reading I felt she had truly “tapped in” and was sharing information that was accurate, and that she had a good handle on my cat. The reading felt very clean, with no hint of ego, “overlay “or personal bias. Besides answering my questions, Vicki helped me gain a new perspective on relationship with all animals in general, and my cat in particular. This helped me understand their roles in my life in a deeper way. I feel very comfortable recommending Vicki for anyone seeking soul level communication with their pet.  Katie Nolasco - August 2019

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