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I've enjoyed (and often endured) a colorful journey with many scenic twists and turns. I used to wish I'd learned my lessons sooner and been "better" at healing. Had that been the case, countless treasures would have gone unearthed. It's taken some time and a good deal of hindsight for me to find myself grateful for Grace - in her many diverse forms - and for all the stones she cast for me to follow which have shaped me into the woman I've become.

I have tried so many things on for size and finally came to realize it's the creative process which inspires me. The moment something starts to feel routine, it's time to rewrite the story and start again - like the sand mandalas that are wiped away when they're "finished." I asked my Angels and Guides over and over what I could possibly do professionally that would keep me in the flow of creation.


Then, in 2007 when my mother passed, multitudes of animals gathered to help me heal. They stayed with and shepherded me into Danielle MacKinnon's Soul Level Animal Communication® courses. As the Universe would have it, right after I became certified Danielle felt guided by her heart to teach her form of Soul Level Intuitive Coaching®. I knew in the instant I heard of it, it was what the animals had been preparing me for.


For the past couple years I've been studying A Course in Miracles and so the process of turning my world and mind upside down (in the best possible way) continues and weaves its way into my work!


With the help of Animals, Guides, Angels, Miracles, and the countless casters of stones who left trails of light for me to follow, I've found my way home to work that never ceases to inspire. It brings meaning to and makes the journey it took to get here so very worthwhile