My journey's been colorful and has taken many scenic turns. I used to wish I'd learned my lessons sooner and been "better" at healing. Countless treasures would have been left unearthed if that had been the case. It's taken some time, and I find myself grateful for all the twists and turns, and grace in all her diverse forms, which cast stones for me to follow, and shaped me into the woman I've become.

I've searched a lifetime for answers, and seeking seems deeply ingrained in my nature. I am so fortunate to be one who can be good at whatever I set my heart and mind to, and have used this gift well trying many things on for size! 


In the last several years, the animals have guided me home to something that can grow, evolve and change as my spirit calls me to. As the Universe would have it, right after I became certified as a Soul Level Animal Communicator®, Danielle MacKinnon felt guided by her heart to teach her form Soul Level Intuitive Coaching®. I knew the moment I heard, this is what the animals have been preparing me for. More recently, I've felt drawn to A Course in Miracles and it's been weaving its way into my work. 


To have journeyed from where I began, and to have been given all the gifts I've been given, can only be for the purpose of sharing. It is with great honor and gratitude that I do so.

I feel blessed to have received a soul level animal communication reading from Vicki for my cat. From early on in the reading I felt she had truly “tapped in” and was sharing information that was accurate, and that she had a good handle on my cat. The reading felt very clean, with no hint of ego, “overlay “or personal bias. Besides answering my questions, Vicki helped me gain a new perspective on relationship with all animals in general, and my cat in particular. This helped me understand their roles in my life in a deeper way. I feel very comfortable recommending Vicki for anyone seeking soul level communication with their pet.  Katie Nolasco

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