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In a recent morning meditative meandering I asked my Soul a question I've asked many times: "Why am I here." The answer I heard was "Why do you want to be here?" I thought about it, and then hesitantly replied, "To love and be loved? Can it be as simple as that?" I heard "Do you find this simple?" The realization that "No, I don't." was such an aha for me. I even felt a bit silly for wanting this, and yet it became clearer as the inquiry went on, that it's all there truly is. 

Part of me wishes I could tell you I've got this down. That my days and nights are peaceful and joyous. My relationships nourishing and fulfilling. My work joyful and fulfilling my Soul's purpose. Love leads my thoughts and actions. Depression, fear, and anxiety - gone! Things of the past. I'm healed! Done! 


What I can say, is that after much work, dedication, many good teachers, a lot of unlearning, relearning, and a whole bunch of the Universe having my back, all of these statements are far more often true.


I still get caught up in stories and feelings I've carried from early in this life time. Anxiety and depression still show up and say "Hey! Remember me?" The difference is they're almost always met sooner rather than later with Loving Awareness™.


I spend less time ruminating, and more time turning towards what I'm experiencing with kindness and compassion. Parts of myself, long hidden and yearning to be seen and loved, are feeling safe to come out and express themselves (myself).

My life long companions - depression, shame, guilt, and anxiety - are loosening their grip. It's getting easier and more automatic to find my way back to the knowing and feeling of being loved and blessed. I'm learning to live more fully in the present moment and the endless love and potential it holds.

You've probably heard this again and again - I know I have. Love is meant to be shared, and in sharing it is most fully received. I love helping people tap into the abundant well of love, joy, peace, and support which is their essence, and bring it enough into their awareness that it becomes their go to resource to call upon, or ease into, as they need it to help them steer through the challenges that life throws their way.

We all have it. We are all worthy, deserving, good enough, and loveable enough to access this inner resource. If you're having difficulty believing this is true, or finding your way there, reach out to me and let's talk to see if my work can help.