Vicki connects first to you and reads a bit about your personality as it pertains to your relationship with your pet. Then she'll connect with your animal and get to know them a bit. You'll get to ask a question (or several depending on the length of your reading), and then you'll explore the lessons your pet is helping you learn.

When you book an animal communication reading, please provide only the details requested at the time of booking. During your reading, after she's read you, Vicki will ask for your animal's name, species (dog, cat, bird, etc.), gender, and if they're alive or in spirit. 

If your animal has recently crossed, please give them and yourself as much time as you're able (up to 2 weeks) to adjust to the transition from body to spirit. For some animals this transition happens quickly and for others it takes a bit longer. When things have settled a bit for both of you, your reading will be clearer and has the potential to be more healing and bring you more peace.

Soul Level Animal Communication®


Would you like to connect with a pet who's crossed?

Wondering if it's time or how best to help them with their transition? Is their behavior (or perhaps "mis" behavior) causing you stress?Are you thinking of adopting a new pet and would like to see if you're a good match?


Vicki can help you with these and many other questions.


A Soul Level reading is all about the relationship between you and your animal. How are they helping you evolve and grow and using every means at their disposal to do so (yes, including helping you from the other side)?

Vicki gave me remarkable insight into my heart, and Nicki's heart.  I feel that as time goes by the session I had with Vicki will deepen and I will understand even more.  It was quite remarkable, and I am deeply grateful to Vicki for the work her loving heart has guided her to."  Suzanne Bell