Animals help humans evolve and grow every day in every way. Having mastered the art of unconditional love, and as highly instinctual and intuitive beings, they feel what we feel, know precisely what we need, and how to deliver that. In fact, they often they get very creative in doing so!

Vicki is certified as a Soul Level Animal Communicator® through the Danielle Mackinnon School of Animal Communication. Danielle is a highly renowned and respected animal psychic,

A Soul Level Animal Reading® taps into the love and knowing your animal friends hold for you, and allows you to hear directly from them what they need and want from you to help them in their mission of helping you.


How is your pet teaching you?

What are they teaching you and how can you help?

As you grow and begin to learn these lesson(s), how will you and your animal's behavior change? What differences will you notice in your relationship?

These are some of the questions Vicki will explore with you and your animal in a soul level animal reading. She acts as a corridor of communication between you and your beloved animal(s). She will tell you exactly what she sees, feels, hears and knows precisely as it's relayed to her. From your animal's soul to your ears!



Soul Level Animal Communication®


From Your Animal's Soul to Your Ears

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