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Animal Transitions and Loss Support

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You've shared a beautiful (and maybe at times challenging?) life. They've taught you much about love, how to be a better version of yourself, and helped you grow and heal - in ways you’re aware of and in ways yet to be discovered.

Nothing makes this easy, and the pain doesn't go away. You will, over time, come to live more peacefully with your loss, and the pain will be less front and center.


But now, it just hurts. You can turn towards your pain, learn and grow from everything it stirs up. You can also take a break by turning away from and blocking it out. Chances are, you will do both, and that's perfect. 


While much of this is an inner journey, you can have help and companionship as you find your way through this very difficult time. Reach out to explore ways we can work together. In the meantime, please feel free to download "Moving Through Grief with Loving Awareness™." 

I also invite you to honor your pet's memory with their picture and tribute on my new "In Loving Memory" memorial page.

Pet Loss Support Circle

If you are grieving the loss of your animal family member and want a place where you can share your feelings, be heard, understood, and perhaps coached if you so desire, please know that you are welcome here.


And, you never know when and how sharing your process will help someone else through theirs. Come together with others who have lost their beloved pets and who understand it's a big deal.


These sessions are kept small and intimate so everyone who wants to share can. They are not recorded for privacy and safety, and what's shared here stays here.


We start with a grounding and getting here exercise, do a quick check in with everyone, and see where we're guided. There will usually be homework, or mourning work, should you choose to accept it.


Ranging from $5.00 to $22.00, pay what you can afford and join us.

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Animal Transitions Care and Support
Individual Sessions and Packages

These sessions are crafted to help you:

Look back 6 months from now and say everything was perfect. 

Show up for yourself and your pet as your best self.

Make decisions surrounding their crossing.

Make the most of the time you have left.

Mourn gracefully and move through your grief.

Embrace the deeper lessons your pet shared with you.

Understand and accept what has happened.

Explore your whys and what ifs.

Check in with other pets in your household.

Honor their place in your life.

I will meet you and your pet where you are in their end of life journey and go from there. They may have already crossed. It may be they've entered their "window" of time as they near the end, or you may just know the window is getting near.


These sessions may be any combination of end of life planning, grief companioning, animal mediumship, and intuitive coaching, depending on where you're at, what you need, and where we're guided.

Available as individual sessions, or two and three session packages.

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