Soul Level
Intuitive Coaching ®

If peace and happiness are our birthrights, as I believe they are, why then are they often so elusive?

Humans are divinely designed so that our lessons tend to center around the various ways we limit, hold ourselves back, and keep ourselves small. Our Souls know when they choose to come to Earth as humans that their lessons will center around finding their way back to Love in its true form, and in realizing their fullest potential.

In brilliant orchestrations they plan and organize our lives, availing themselves of all the strengths and limitations humans possess to accomplish Their (Our) growth and evolution. They set the stage; we make the choices that guide the route we take in getting there.

In Soul Level Intuitive Coaching ® Vicki works with your Guides to help you understand your Soul’s mission in this lifetime, and shine light on the creative solutions you came up with earlier in life. These solutions served you well for a time, and many still do. Some, however, you've outgrown, and many of those which still serve you and are being done because you "should," or for fear of consequences if you don't. 

You'll come to see you can make new choices based on what brings you the most peace and joy today, rather than living today based on your past. This experience is incredibly freeing.

Soul Level Intuitive Coaching® requires a commitment of 6 sessions. If you’d like to feel your way in before making that commitment, you can schedule an Intuitive Coaching Session and use it as your first session.

Feeling stuck? Do you find yourself in the same situations at work, or in your relationships, and wonder why?

Would you like more joy and happiness in your life? Do you know what you want and what makes you happy?

Do you criticize yourself relentlessly? Make decisions based on fear of potential outcomes rather than on what you really want? 

These are just some of the things that Soul Level Intuitive Coaching® can help with

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