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Soul Level

Have you outgrown your "story" and yet find yourself holding on or holding back because it's familiar and/or comfortable? Would you like to work deeply with your guide team and what Vicki calls "the part of you that knows" to see more clearly what the next step(s) in your Soul's journey are?

With Soul Level Intuitive Coaching® Vicki will help you shed light on and unravel your story. You'll uncover behaviors from today which stem from negative beliefs you developed when you were young, and which you've likely come to believe are "just who and how you are."


You will come to see choices you can make today about what does and doesn't serve you the way you want it to NOW - little ways that make big shifts in how you feel about yourself.

As you come to hold and understand yourself in this new Light, long held negative beliefs begin to shift as you learn to love and appreciate yourself in ways you may have not yet realized you didn't. Decisions of all kinds become clearer when they're based in a new found appreciation for and acceptance of yourself.

Soul Level Intuitive Coaching® requires a commitment of 6 sessions. If you’d like to feel your way in before making this commitment, please feel free to schedule a Spiritual / Intuitive Guidance Session and use it as your first session.

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Finding yourself in the same situations at work, or in your relationships - even though you thought you knew better?

Do fear and anxiety rule your decisions - and you feel no matter what you do, it won't be right?

Do you hurry through your days and feel like life is just passing you by?

​Do you criticize yourself relentlessly? 

Would you like to start making choices from that place in you that knows you are resourced and loved beyond measure?​

Would you like the voice in your head to be more loving and compassionate?

These are a few signs that Soul Level Intuitive Coaching® may be a good fit.

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