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Spiritual / Intuitive Guidance

Would you like clearer access to your intuition and inner voice as you navigate challenges and/or decisions with your relationships, job, or living situation?

Do you often feel as if no matter what choice you make, it will be the wrong one?

Do you find yourself making decisions based on your fear of potential outcomes?

Are you perhaps looking for a vibrational tune up, or feel a bit of a course correction is in order?

Maybe you're thinking of doing a series of Soul Level Intuitive Coaching® sessions and would like to try one session before committing to all six?

Intuitive Reading.jpg

Vicki connect with and bring guidance from what she likes to call "the part of you that knows" to help you see more clearly where you are in your journey, and what it is that will serve you best right now.

If you're thinking of doing Soul Centered Intuitive Coaching, an Intuitive Guidance session can be used as the first session in the series to help you decide if  Vicki and her work feel like a good fit for you. If you use this reading as your first coaching session, you will receive a coupon worth 150.00 towards the full price of your coaching package and will have 5 remaining sessions.

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