Intuitive Coaching

Are you going through a challenging situation, or have decisions to make, and would like  clearer access to your Guides to help you explore possible answers?

Are you thinking of doing a series of Soul Level Coaching ® sessions and would like to try one session before committing to all six?

Looking for a bit of a vibrational tune up, or feel a bit of a course correction is in order?

Vicki's goal with Intuitive Coaching is to help you feel more in tune with your higher self, and bring messages and tools from your Guides to help empower you in making your own choices from a deeper place of inner knowing. She will not advise you what to do or not to do, rather will let your guides take the lead in exploring options and choices which serve the greatest and highest good of all concerned.

If you're thinking of doing Soul Level Intuitive Coaching ®, an Intuitive Coaching session can be used as the first session in the series to help you decide if  SLIC and Vicki feel like a good fit for you. If you use this reading as your SLIC Session One, you will receive a coupon worth 100.00 towards your package of 6 Sessions and this will count as one of six.

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