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  • Vicki Sontheim

What the Doves!

When I returned from my bi-weekly must haves run, there were two doves sitting on my fence, directly in front of me in the carport. They sat peacefully and watched as I gathered my things, and then turned and continued watching me as I went through the gate and headed towards my door. I was as intrigued by them as they seemed to be by me, and felt they had a message for me. I decided to put my training as an animal communicator to use and asked them if there was something they wanted to share.

As I connected with them, I felt a general sense of anxiety which I knew was more around me than of me. I saw a glowing white light into which I felt drawn. It felt peaceful, calm, and safe, and I heard “Stay with the calm.” I took a deep breath to draw in the light and felt it dispel the anxiety that had originally come in. “A storm is coming. Stay with the peace.” I had the knowing this was something we can do anytime, and that it was being directed towards our current situation with the coronavirus. Another deep breath into the peace, and the light changed into a pastel red heart before again changing into a golden white winged being. I heard “Keeper of Peace.” “Guardian of Light.” With a grateful heart, I thanked them for their message. They continued to keep me company, sitting there peacefully, even when my dogs who were thrilled to have me home came barreling out into the yard.

There were several messages in this for me. Safety lies within the peace, calm and love of the Light - for me personally, and collectively. This is my, and can be our, way through this. It was a call to be vigilant in keeping and sharing peace and love as we weather the upcoming times. I did a little looking into doves and found not only are they known as keepers of love and peace, they symbolize the Holy Spirit to whom I call on several times a day as I study A Course in Miracles. My directive feels clear.

There’s opportunity here. So much opportunity. Our world is changing in ways we’ve yet to see or know. Imagine if we allow love to shape these changes and lead us through and out of fear? I’m thinking of the lyrics “This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius” from the late 60’s. What if the seeds planted back then have come to fruition, and now is the time we’ve been waiting for? I feel the potential. Do you?

Let’s seize this opportunity. Random acts of kindness. Smile at a stranger. When someone is acting from fear, give them love. Pay attention to your thoughts – do they bring joy or anxiety? Choose joy. Whatever it is that puts a smile in your heart – do that; think that. Share that. Take care of yourself, whatever that means for you. Be your best self. Do it for you and, do it for the world.

No act is too big or too small. From the smallest spark to the highest vibration. A Course in Miracles teaches there is no level or degree of Miracles. They're all equally important. Together we can navigate our way through this and find our way to a better place than when we began.

I invite everyone to consider: What the Doves!

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