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  • Vicki Sontheim

Do Frogs Know the Cure for Loneliness?

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Hi, I’m Vicki Sontheim and I’m an animal communicator. Do you ever wonder if your pets get lonely? Do you feel as connected to your relationships with your pets and people as you’d like? Do you sometimes feel adrift as if you’re alone in the world?

As a sensitive person, crowds and people can be challenging for me, and one of the ways I’ve responded to this in the past has been to close myself down. When I close myself down in one area, I’ve discovered it tends to reach into other areas of my life, and I’ve gone through periods of feeling isolated and lonely.

Fortunately, working with the animals is helping guide me towards healthier boundaries while at the same time helping me to open back up – often in ways I’d yet to realize I was closed. Animals with their direct connection to source energy, highly attuned instincts, and desire to be of service to humans possess a wealth of wisdom to share if we look, listen and open our hearts and minds to what they’re here to share.

We have a bull frog in our pond in the back yard. She’s the only frog in the pond and I found myself wondering if she ever gets bored or lonely or misses other frogs. As an animal communicator I decided to ask. The answer I received surprised me. Her response was “What’s that?”

She then proceeded to show what it felt like to be her in that moment. I felt weightless and suspended. My body didn’t stop with my body; in fact, it was a bit difficult to discern where I stopped, and the water began, and yet I very clearly knew who I was. I could sense and feel, before seeing, the fish in the pond swimming behind and beside me. My awareness was greatly increased, and I felt as if I were connected to and part of something far bigger than myself. It was like an instant state of meditative bliss. In this state loneliness doesn’t exist, just the pure strength, calm and peacefulness of existence and being one with all that is. There was the answer to my question. She didn’t know what loneliness was because in her world it didn’t exist.

Connecting with nature, animals, and our pets is a reminder that we are all part of something greater than ourselves. In the quiet of the early morning, I love to go sit by the pond with my cup of coffee. I say good morning to our frog, enjoy watching the fish, delight in the calls and swirls of the ravens, doves and all the little birds in the orchard, and drink in the beauty and connectedness of it all. Mikko and Frodo, our dogs, join in with their toy of the morning ready to play! Within these connections, channels open and sparks of insight and inspiration occur. And, loneliness doesn’t exist!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. If you enjoyed this, please like, share and have a great day!

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