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Why Animal Communication - How Did I Get Here?

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

When I first began studying animal communication with Danielle, I thought it would be a fun way of opening myself to my own intuition, and in a way I couldn't take too seriously. Of course, I know how to take everything seriously, so so much for that idea! I didn't realize at the time the animals were the ones who'd guided me here. Herds and flocks and packs of animals showed up to guide me here. It's just taken me taking notice to realize that I've been chosen for this work with them.

I've had pets on and off throughout my life and have always held a fascination for birds and fish. Mostly though I've kept too busy to devote too much time to animals. It was after my Mom passed in 2007 that the animals really starting showing up and guiding me.

When I was in the deepest throes of grief, the deer would come. It wouldn't matter where I was when the waves washed over me, they'd show up - peering in my back window, in my sun room, on the roads in town if I was driving. They would come. They'd often leave their fawns in my yard during the day and come to retrieve them at night.

Soon thereafter birds - of all shapes, sizes, colors and songs - squirrels, rabbits, the kit fox, and ravens. They all made my home a regular stop in their daily routines. Colonies of quail came each spring and I delighted in watching as they taught their babies to swim, bathe, take dirt baths, and forage for food. My neighbor's dogs and cat put me on their rounds and stopped in daily, often joining us for our evening walk (yes George the cat too).

The peace, comfort and healing the animals brought was salve to my grieving heart and to my soul. I felt so lucky to be living in a place where I could share my life with them; I hadn't yet put it together that they were showing up for me, guiding me and teaching me.

Maddie, the name I gave to the matriarch of the deer herd, reminded me of the cartoon character Maxine, which is in part how she got her name. She'd show up on my patio and stare in our window with a look that said "Well, where is it?" She was referring of course to her carrot, and as long as I had her carrot in my hand, I was allowed the privilege of petting her. We tend to think of deer as sweet, gentle animals, and yet they maintain a distinct hierarchy.

Maddie showed me very clearly that boundaries exist, and that any nonsense I may have been putting up with was wholly of my own making. She's crossed over now and stays with me as my helper animal when I ask for her help in my readings. When I do ask for her help, she always shows up with a wry sense of humor!

I began dog sitting for some neighbors up the road from me. Their Basset always had a lot to say and when she was speaking, I'd see imagines of deer jumping the fence, her barking at their feet, her chasing rabbits and squirrels through tunnels, and birds circling in the air through wispy leaves on the trees. This was the first time I began to wonder if I might be able to communicate with animals intuitively.

Then four years ago I got a puppy! Oh my goodness, has he been the light of my life! In the course of taking him to a local pet care facility for daycare I was further guided. They needed help in their office and even though I was not looking for this (or any additional) type of work, a voice kept whispering to me to ask if I could help in anyway. I finally gave in and asked the owner one afternoon. We got together and talked and she agreed I could work the hours I felt able to work and that was the beginning of a whole new story!

To be continued...

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