Vicki Sontheim


Intuitive Readings and Life Coaching

Soul Level Animal Communication®

Do you want a deeper relationship with your animals?

Do you have this feeling there's a deeper meaning to your life and you can't seem to figure out what it is?

Do negative beliefs or fears hold you back from becoming all you're meant to be?

A reading with Vicki will help put you in touch with your higher self and/or the soul level of your animals, and help guide you through whatever it is that seems to be holding you back.


"You will never meet a sweeter soul than Vicki! Her manner is calm and gentle, but the information she brings through from the guides is spot on, and so empowering. In working with her I’ve been able let go of habits (that I wasn’t even aware of) that had been keeping me stuck in old ways of being that were no longer serving me. What surprised me most about doing this work with Vicki is that very small habits or behaviors can be traced back to deep-rooted fears, or negative beliefs about myself. And that just creating more understanding around these behaviors really led to major shifts for me. As a result, I actually feel lighter and “in the flow” as I move through my day, and I can feel myself opening up to life (and its infinite possibilities) in new ways. I am so grateful to Vicki for leading me through this process!"      Ronni Tichenor

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