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You are here to be The Light of the World. If you try this statement on, how does it feel? Should be simple, right? But is it? Perhaps it brings up feelings of inadequacy, or “yeah, right.” Perhaps it brings on feelings of grandiosity and feeling special. Maybe a deep yearning to believe it’s true. Or maybe even a deep peaceful knowing that it is. All of the above?


This is our journey as humans. Our expression of this Light is as unique and individual as each snowflake, and yet we are all expressions of the same Light. The same Love.


As humans, we can tend to hide from or shield ourselves from Love and Light. We get caught in the trappings of our feelings and judgments about ourselves and others - the ways in which our unique circumstances and influences have shaped us. Guilt, fear, shame, anxiety, the need to prove ourselves and strive can take over. It's exhausting!


My work centers around becoming aware of the ways we shield ourselves from Love. Remembering how to love those parts of ourselves that we keep hidden. Those thoughts, feelings, and ways of being that keep us stuck in the belief we’re unlovable, unworthy, unsafe, and/or not good enough.


In my experience when we bring the Light of Loving Awareness to our inner world our beliefs shift. As we embrace ourselves more lovingly, our judgments of ourselves and others loosen. We create more space within for the Light we are to shine through.


At present there are various ways to work with me. Our relationships with our animals are a great place for exploration. Soul Centered Intuitive Coaching offers one on one exploration, either as an ongoing package, or individual sessions. I also work with people during and after their animal’s end of life with grief companioning, pet loss grief circles, and animal transitions guidance.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my work, or if it would be a good fit for you.

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