Animal Transitions and Loss Support

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When our hospice chaplain, who was also a medium, connected with my mother shortly after her crossing 15 years ago, I heard my first whisper that the future held something similar for me. It didn’t occur to me then it would be with animals and their humans.

Most of my readings over the last several years have been with animals in spirit. My heart is touched beyond words each time I work with someone who’s precious soul animal has crossed. I always wish I could do more.

This led me to study pet loss grief companioning and from there came the idea of a support circle. Also in the works is a package which offers ongoing support with any or all of the challenges we face when saying goodbye to an animal we love so deeply it feels as if they’re part of us.

Animal Loss Support Circle

I wish I could tell you there were a faster easier way through this. There’s not; it really is a heroine's and/or hero’s journey. There is no right or wrong way to do it.

Animals have shown me time and again how the lessons and love your souls contracted to share can help guide you through. You don’t have to do it right, or even all the time – just the best you can when you can. That’s perfect.

When you do this, you honor them, share their gifts, and heal more deeply than you may be able to see right now.

​Right  now all you know is that nothing will be the same again. You can't conceive of life without them. You don't yet know what you need because the only thing you want, you can't have. Moving forward feels impossible and part of you doesn't want to.

This circle is a safe place to come together with others who find themselves in a similar place. We will share stories, feel our feelings, see what creative ways we can come up with to honor the lives you shared together, shed a few tears if it feels safe, and hopefully find a little laughter. As the time begins to feel right, perhaps a new normal will start to take shape.

While it’s not my goal in this circle, I am open to the possibility of receiving messages from some of your animals, if that’s where spirit takes us.

Pay what you can afford and join us. If you can’t afford to pay anything right now, that’s okay too.

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Woman on a Deserted Road
Woman on a Deserted Road

Animal Transitions Support
Individual Sessions and Packages

Full descriptions of these services will be coming soon.

These sessions will be any combination of end of life planning, grief companioning, animal mediumship, and psychic connection with you, depending on where you are in your process and where spirit leads us.

Until the full descriptions are written and posted, please feel free to book a soul level animal communication reading, or animal lessons package (to save money on multiple readings) and let me know in the comments when you book you're wanting support with your animal's crossing.